1916 - The first library board is appointed by Mayor C. W. Clark.

1922 - With the help of the library board, fundraising efforts lead to the opening of the first public library in the Fitzgerald Building on Grand Avenue.

1927 - The current library building opens its doors.

1959 - Dakota/Scott counties form a library system, but South St. Paul Library chooses to remain an independent city library.

1961 - The first bookmobile begins bringing the collection to every part of South St. Paul.

1963 - Dakota/Scott counties and South St. Paul enter a borrowing pact.

1965 - A new addition is constructed on the South side of the library.

1988 - Automation! The library catalog becomes computerized and barcodes are added to library cards and books.

1994 - The bookmobile makes its last stop and is retired.

2010 - Popular eBooks become available for South St. Paul residents to download for free from the library.

2012 - First self-check machine installed.